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MJmeat-carn S.L was established in 2013 in Barcelona by José Martinez Jimenez, specialist with more than 35- year working experience in Spanish slaughterhouses and cutting plants.

Fully equiped with intimate knowledge of beef-pork-chicken anatomy, coupled with an unbridled enthusiasm about what we do and highly experienced in all the import-export formalities and procedures, our company have been committed to providing our customers with the best personalized service from the very beginning of our foudation.


· Extensive expertise and Longstanding Relationships with suppliers

Born into a Barcelona family whose father was dedicated to beef butchering, our founder of MJ Meat-carn José began his career at the age of 16. Previous cofounder of a joint-stocking Spanish Company specializing in local market fresh and frozen meat distribution, José has dedicated all the life to the meat trading industry.

During his 35-year working experience, he has gained extensive technic knowledge regarding animal anatomy along with deep trust from many of the biggest Spanish plants owners, whose allegiances and support has become the pillar of our company´s rapid growth. Currently there are more than 10 medium- sized slaughterhouses who supply exclusively for us, and we are in close cooperation with more than 20 others large ones.

At our coldstore | Jose was explaining to the clients about our products

Our packaging

Our coldstore near Barcelona 

· Flexibility

Our company can purvey you with high flexibility, reflected in the following aspects:

· We have our own cold store and we offer you composition-tailored container.

We collect products by palets (rather than re-selling one set container) from our suppliers in Spains as well as other european countries, and then store them in our own cold store. When offering out, increasing or reducing certain products amount is possible as we have full freedom in relocating the products, so you can always tailor the composition in attuned to the market changes.

·We personalize your products specification according to your need

We can bring you to the core production centre of the plants to show you how products are being made. We can give the butchers on-site instruction accordingly about how to cut or process one certain product to meet your standard. In addition to this, we can even develop new products for you in Spanish market to get you the most competitive price.

· International, Open minded and Trustworthy

We might be young comparing with a lot of other companies, but we have been growing exponentially over the last 4 years, multiflying our revenues. This cannot be made possible without the cornerstone of our company´s core value: always seeking for new opportunities and always expanding our horizon. We are constantly developing our network, broadening our supplier map from not only the local market, but also Germany, Portugal, France, Netherlands, Italy…

Our team is highly international, offering you different languages service (English, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Ukraine, Polish…) as well as insightful analysis of different market characteristics.

We firmely respect all of our costumers comments, feedbacks, and constantly strive to improve our product quality. We highly appreciated a long term and healthy business relationship and we hope to serve you as a valued strategic supplier.

Attending 2016 Paris Sial Event